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Why choose us for claim adjudication?

Claims adjudication is an extremely complex endeavor with several hundred edits and rules to follow. While a major portion of adjudication is done automatically by todays software there is still about 30% of the claims that get pushed out without adjudication by most systems. Netmark is a specialist in handling unprocessed / overflow claims. Be it pends or mis-matched data on contracts Netmark processes, deliver accurate adjudication outcomes in time and cost efficiently.

Affordable Services

Netmark provides an affordable & experienced adjudication team to health plans. With easy and quick onboarding times, Netmark offers a ready made, well-trained team at costs and production numbers that surprise most health plans.

Data Security and HIPAA 

Data is everything today. We use the best in class security and cloud-based storage to give us and our customers ease of access and peace of mind. Apart from the signed agreements, HIPAA and its compliance are at the core of all physical and digital interactions. We take HIPAA very seriously.

Best in Class Infrastructure

Netmark’s facilities are extremely well equipped with best in class hardware, firewalls and IT infrastructure to produce a seamless, fast and efficient experience for our employees and clients. The infrastructure and our IT team allow us 24/7 work environments and ability to switch between providers and vendors to minimize downtime.

Finally its all people…

It starts with well researched recruitment template that finds problem solvers and thinkers and have them go through several weeks of training and problem solving on multiple platforms. Our IT infrastructure enables remote work sessions that enables Netmark to recruit from a wider talent pool.

Time is of the essence

When it comes to claims, timeliness and accuracy is everything. Netmark takes its TATs very seriously. We understand the need for prompt delivery and our bench strength helps is expand and meet challenging TATs very effectively.


Leased and dedicated internet lines, robust state-of-the-art servers and databases enhance our ability to scale up at a very short notice. Our bench strength and cross trained resources afford us a very elastic production platform.